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F - One presentation offers a foil mixing aluminum (Matt) and carbon (wings and fuselage) which is entirely removable. Around the fuselage mounting system is clever, it is just unfortunate that the whole requires three different tools. The 800 Hybrid features a wing before 800 cm with a fuselage of 75 cm long and especially a stabilizer of 41.5 cm wide, 60 cm wide, but quite large due to its winglets. Note, F - One offers several other front wings in option. With the TS 51, F - One offers an unusual Board with rather comfortable measurements (156 x 51 cm), but a type twintip that makes very fine construction and enough bit bulky. The equipment is good with a pads and the comfortable straps (inserts in v only) as well as a Platinum coming to settle under the Board to accommodate a KF box housing.

Navigation on the water, the Freeride 800 is a foil which immediately reassured by his perfect stability. Its balance application support before sentencing in Navigation and is extremely healthy in all circumstances. Enough carrier to take off early in light winds or from a relatively low speed. His front foot adjustment and stability are of big assets for progress in aerial maneuvers, as this makes the change of foot in flight. However for pure beginners, before support is less natural and will require time to adapt (or a fine adjustment of the impact of the stabilizer). At the level of performance, this model F - One allows to go fast, but ask to be asked to accelerate hard, which is an asset to discover the foil and move step by step without getting scared right now. 600 cm wing will provide superior sliding natural potential. For its part, the 51TS Board is a friendly to fly platform. Pretty little voluminous, it is handled well in water to the waterstart and can even easily flow remaining feet for support to relaunch the kite in little time, all in the eyes. Once you get out of the water and progresses, its shape enables it to stay afloat. This is a Board that is not bulky in flight and, instead, reassures to engage a little harder and progress. The width of the platform allows serene walk changes. The frets are soft with a pronounced rocker and you can browse in contact with water without baking.

Verdict ultimately, F - One offers a balanced, healthy and successful super combo that demonstrates the expertise of the brand on the practice foil. It's a great combo to start and especially to progress, especially since one can always upgrade his foil with a more slippery wing or a carbon mast afterwards, even if the alu mast has little to envy to the carbon for recreational.

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