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Rent this foil in Montpellier much cheaper than taking a course Description: Foil aluminium IC6 V2 + BOARD 51 TS will be perfect to learn the foil, perfect and cruiser. This Pack aluminum Kitefoil board will seduce you by its simplicity.
All the foil of F - ONE experience was gathered in what is probably the most accessible and versatile foil ever seen. Combining a take-off low speed slow with control and impressive maneuverability, the foil is also a remarkable speed range.

Available with a mat of 90cm or 65cm, foil IC6 850 please confirmed as much to beginners riders. Prefer a mast of 65cm for a more direct or good learning version 90cm for added versatility.

In addition to providing a very easy take-off, the design of the wings makes in-flight navigation truly intuitive and gentle. The carving possibilities are endless and the potential for fun is maximum on this resolutely easy foil for access.

Construction emphasizes reliability with an appeal to aluminum extruded or machined for the mast, mast, the fuselage and front fender connector. The wings built with technology IC6 are extremely resistant while providing a sweetness and a remarkable flight comfort.

-Very progressive takeoff at low speed - reassuring stability and predictable behavior - incredible potential carve - versatile with a wide speed range the foilboard 51TS of F - ONE is a unique model combining the qualities and resistance of a strong tacky to ease of use and performance of all our F - ONE boards.

-Accessible, easy and stable - board high resistance and durability - a thin Board for easy waterstarts

Deposit €800

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