Who are we ?

What is Rent-a-kite.com?

Rent a Kite is a platform for renting kitesurfing equipment and other sports between individuals. This allows individuals to make their equipment cost-effective and kitesurfers to travel without taking their gear and trying out other equipment.


The founder

Kitesurf instructor, I've been kiteboarding for 10 years.

When I started kitesurfing, I really enjoyed the community ; everywhere I traveled I met other kiteboarders that would help me, give me tips, and sharing their kites and board with me.

I wanted to know if this community still existed and if we could all benefit from it.

As a single mom, I've been struggling with my luggage and equipment when it came to traveling

Not wiling to pay high rentals costs to be able to kitesurf, and also didn't want to buy a small size kite that I was going to use once or twice a year, I decided to create rent-a-kite.com so that we could all share our gear and experiences !

So come and join us !